JoJo Suthelrand delivering for Ernst & YoungHaving run a successful pilot workshop with Ernst & Young staff and clients in Glasgow, The Stand up and be Counted programme was then rolled out to business women and staff in Edinburgh.

Statistics show that almost four in ten businesses in G7 countries have no women in senior management positions and globally the proportion of senior business roles held by women is only 24%

Founder JoJo Sutherland tells us “When I first started in stand up comedy it was unheard of to get two women on the same line up but things are changing, mainly attitudes and self belief that women have a vital role to play in the workplace.”

“The phrase I hear most following a comedy gig is: I don’t normally like women but you were really funny!” This is mostly said by other women! “

As women we need to take responsibility and work to support and encourage each other because we can be guilty of being disparaging and judgemental towards our feminine counterparts. Ladies, let’s not sharp elbow and bitch our way to the boardroom, let’s sashay hand in hand looking fabulous!

A diverse selection of women fully immersed themselves in the half-day development session and judging by their feedback had a whale of a day:

“Jojo was really energetic and made people feel at ease instantly. Humour & laughter are Jojo’s key tools to engage her audience.”

“Engaging, fun & approachable.”

“Very good- knowledgeable on subject but made the whole session very relaxed & open.”

“Engaging & interesting.”

“Entertaining, easy to chat to.”

“Jojo kept us engaged throughout the day with relevant & interesting anecdotes.”

Workshop with Ernst & YoungIf you would like to learn about how our Women in Business Workshops can support the development of your gender diversity contact us to discuss it.