HIV Scotland

 “We’ve worked with Jojo on a number of occasions – most recently with weekly lockdown Comedy Workshops for people living with HIV – and she continues to impress. Her workshops are all tailored to our needs, and she is committed to getting the most out of it for all of the participants. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend Jojo.”

Nathan Sparling, Chief Executive of HIV Scotland

Ernst & Young

“The content of your workshop has been a real hit”

Fiona Taylor,  Executive Director


We recently invited JoJo to deliver one of her workshops to a selection of our business customers and it was a huge hit.  She is an inspirational woman who has a great way of making people feel at ease.  I have asked her to become my own personal mentor.

Angela Tunnah

College of Policing

JoJo Sutherland is an expert making evidenced links to humour and psychology. She is a top presenter

Dr Ian Hesketh

Aberdeen City Council

“Comprehensive workshop with content pitched just right for the attendees.  Something for everyone to learn and gain whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves.”

Jenny Kaing

Workers Education Association

“Brilliant use of comedy techniques to aid the empowerment of women in the workplace.”

Stella Winters

Global Whisky Ambassadors

When asking people what their highlight was from the week / the most impactful session, your name came up time and time again.  It was a real confidence boost and eye opener for everyone. Thank you.

Georgina Bell

Smart Works

“Jo jo was a star MCing the Smart Works charity tea party. She was funny and combined promoting the charity and entertaining the 200 guests as only she can!”

Frippy Fyfe

“We can’t all be comedians, some people have to do the laughing”

Mokokoma Mokhonana