Our Story

“When you lose the power to laugh, you lose the power to think straight.” – Jerome Lawrence

JoJo Sutherland

JoJo Sutherland is a stand up comedian, writer, actor and broadcaster who has been working within the entertainment industry for over 2 decades.  She continues to perform in major comedy clubs worldwide which has included a Middle East tour incorporating Saudi Arabia and she remains one of the few women to go to military bases to entertain armed forces.
With a conversational style and a humourous outlook to life and work; JoJo is able to use her unique brand of comedy savvy to the benefit of your business and staff.

Stand Up & Be Counted

Question – how many people work for you?     Answer – about half on a good day!
Everyone likes to feel valued but not everyone does!  We created Stand Up and Be Counted as a refreshingly different way to inspire and motivate people within any organisation.  What on earth could a stand up comic possibly offer to a serious business outfit? Well that’s a very good question and at first glance may seem like a flippant and irrelevant strategy but read on…….