Hi, I’m Jojo.

I’m a comedian, writer, actor and broadcaster and like everyone else during covid I’ve had to find ways to adapt my working environment. A lot of the skills from my stand up comedy have enabled me to do this and find fresh innovative ways to perform, and these skills can be just as easily used to help others adapt to their own situations using comedy at the core.

Learn to be more assertive, gain confidence and develop coping skills which can help you approach dreaded situations using humour and a fresh new perspective.

Helping Businesses, Groups & Charities

A creative approach using skills learned at the coalface of comedy. Address fears and doubts in everything from presentations to networking, dealing with demanding clients or negotiating with challenging colleagues. Whatever issues you face, we can design and program a workshop specifically to meet the needs of your group.

Using comedy to cope

With colleagues working remotely and some of us struggling to maintain workplace connections – the Stand Up and Be Counted master classes offer a way to help communicate, appreciate and understand each other’s new found working dynamics and offers solutions to maintaining working relationships through covid and beyond.

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