Question? – How many people work for you?

Answer – About half on a good day


With Covid being at the forefront of changing the way we work and many businesses adapting their environments to now include working from home.  The need to keep colleagues and staff connected and motivated is more important than ever and we can  provide workshops and master classes to provide just that.

Sessions are effective in channelling diversity and pursuing improvement, particularly the formulation of initiatives, plans, process and actions to achieve specific business goals.  Workshops combine planning, training, development, team-building, communications & motivation

Staff Empowerment.
Attendance and engagement of staff facilitates ownership, empowerment and drives the development of organisations and individuals.

Exercises aimed at breaking down barriers, conflict resolution plus improving communications also add to the workshop impact.

Getting People on Board.
Workshops are very effective for training too, encouraging buy-in and involvement more than conventional training courses because they are necessarily participative and the content and output are created by the delegates.

This is not your average corporate training module, this has long term benefits, providing easily transferable skills which can be implemented quickly to revise existing practices and to sanction vastly improved working practices

People naturally gravitate towards each other and find a common interest; from book clubs to sporting events, and in that pursuit for fun and friendship we have a unique and different experience to offer with a mini stand up comedy course.

There is always the joker in the pack, the one that finds the funny and then there’s the friends who groan in response – but bring both together in a group and you really put yourselves to the test and find your funny bones.

We can’t all be comedians – some people have to do the laughing but with this group activity you can do both!

We have worked with many charities who exist to help people who are facing some of the harder and more challenging aspects of life and during times when the need for humour is paramount.

Using comedy at the core we design workshops specifically to the needs and desires of each group; focussing on fear management and positive outlooks and furnish you with easily remembered psychological tools that will cultivate personal growth and wellbeing

“Life is too important to take seriously”

Corky Siegel

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