Effective mentoring requires open mindedness, acute listening, open and frank questioning, allied to absolute honesty.

Building Relationships.

Mentoring relationships blend clients with someone that will share their professional knowledge, experiences and prowess in the field.  A brilliant mentor is available to answer any questions relevant to the job.

First rate relationships are a two way street; so if you want a good rapport with your mentor, become a good mentee, ergo absorbing recommendations & tips as well as being brutally honest about which areas you need assistance with.

The finest mentors possess the following attributes:
  • Motivate by setting a good example.
  • Provide a special interest in the mentoring relationship.
  • Supply advice and constructive feedback.
  • Value input and resourcefulness of others.
  • Demonstrate an affirmative perspective and act as a positive role model.
  • Prepared to share insight, skills and expertise.
  • Nurture and manage the relationship.
  • Work towards specific, achievable targets.