Confidence trainingHow do you maintain staff morale when staff have to deliver and deal with difficult situations every day?

How to deliver bad news; Some people’s working day never seems to have any escape from delivering bad news or having to negotiate with people under difficult and trying circumstances

The insolvency company whose clients have seen easier times, the productivity company tasked with making redundancies or the funeral directors who are dealing with grieving families.

This is an area that often surprises people to hear that I work in regularly. Working with teams of staff to explore their most challenging situations and find new ways to develop confidence and deliver clear concise communications where there can be no room for error.

Timing, delivery style, tone and body language can make or break how effective communication in difficult circumstances be. Getting the right result, or indeed preventing a wrong result can be imperative for many staff teams in their daily roles.

Stand Up and Be Counted offer specifically designed workshops and training to give staff a stronger sense of well being using humour at the core and by humour we don’t mean cracking jokes!

Whether it’s one to one or a roomful of people you need to address then finding that connection and “reading the room” is vital and that’s where Stand up and Be Counted excel in their training.

Trainings can be delivered one to one or in groups. On or off site.

The sessions give individuals:

  1. A clearer understanding of their colleagues and clients
  2. A sense of inclusion and equality
  3. The ability to identify lateral thinking processes to every day tasks
  4. A greater confidence and belief in their own abilities
  5. To recognize, respect and embrace difference
  6.  Enhanced confidence in communication in difficult circumstances

If you would like to find out how this might develop your team contact us for a quote.