Work Christmas eventsWe all have to work, it’s what we do if we want to pay the bills, it’s also what we do so that we can afford to go and enjoy ourselves. The experience lifestyle is very much upon us, many want to involve ourselves with making memories whether that be from hurtling ourselves out of planes or driving round a racetrack at breakneck speed to the more gentler pursuits of gin tasting or pottery painting.

Planning a works night out can be a chore of massive proportions when trying to accommodate everyone’s different tastes and wishes which is why there is a burgeoning trend for Christmas comedy.

After all, who doesn’t want to laugh? Not any old comedy, an exclusive comedy show provided just for your workplace ( if you’re self employed and work alone then perhaps not you – that would just be weird!) but if you have a company of 15 or more then why not bring the laughter to you and have a tailor made night of fun that leaves everyone feeling upbeat and happy.

The Stand Up and Be Counted team, who work to develop confidence and impact for business people in pitches and presentations, use comedy technique and skills. This unusual and fun approach is derived by Founder JoJo Sutherland who is also a Stand Up Comic, Writer and Broadcaster.

We can tailor a unique gig for your team, perhaps lacing in a few strands of ‘in house intel’ to make the CEO laugh like never before.

Works night out with Stand Up and Be CountedIf you would like to solve your workplace Christmas event challenge and relax then contact us and we can give you a quote to consider.

Stand up and Be Counted delivers unique private comedy gigs for businesses throughout the UK including Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, London.