About JoJo

Jojo Sutherland is a stand up comedian, writer, actor and broadcaster who has been working in the entertainment industry for two decades.

She continues to perform in major comedy clubs worldwide including tours of the Middle East and British military bases.  With her Stand up and be Counted workshops she brings a creative approach into the business world using comedy at the core to provide a refreshingly new perspective to personal and organisational development

Her inspirational insight into the pressures of working in competitive and often combative environments makes her a valued asset as a speaker. With her use of techniques and psychological understanding of communication skills learned at the coalface of stand up comedy she has created a unique and accessible way for others to learn.

Since 2006 Jojo has run comedy workshops for Universal Comedy which uses comedy as a tool to enhance self confidence and self esteem amongst people who suffer stress and other mental health issues, and in 2013 devised and delivers tailored workshops to Women in Business in association with RBS which she runs through her company Gagtraders Ltd.

“I’m confident anyone who joins my workshops will leave feeling not only empowered but also having had good fun learning a few techniques which will help them to stand up and be counted in all areas of their life.”

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“What an inspirational and funny lady.”

“Easy to talk to and very friendly.”

“What an approachable person, makes me feel at ease.”

This is the first time in 20 years I’ve spoken out, I feel more confident.”

“I can’t wait to put this new found confidence into my business.”

“What a great way to deliver a workshop, so unique and what a laugh.”

“A perfect balance of wit and warmth. JoJo has wit and charm in spades.”

“Words cannot do justice to JoJo’s enormous talent.”